The Hitchhikers Guide to Microservices - With Great Success Comes One Hell of a Headache
Author:Eric Müller
Date:August 16th, 2017

Your company has arrived! You might be six-months or six-years old, but you have broken through. Website visits and app usage is pushing your servers to the breaking point. You want to add new features while maintaining 100% uptime, but each time you deploy code you have to bring the servers down to make sure the latest release is live. Meanwhile, every time someone touches the code base, something breaks in an unrelated part of the system. To top it all off, the user authentication system is eating the bulk of system resources, forcing deployment of multiple instances and jacking up your monthly spend.

Sound familiar? It’s an all too typical scenario for companies young and old, as well as internal and external facing applications. And it can all be traced back to a monolith…

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