SRI International
Multi-Disciplinary R&D
Marketplace Solutions
SRI International pioneers a business model for learning opportunities tailored to each student.
  • Established a series of detailed, validated service offerings

  • Developed a complete business model roadmap

  • Created and tested a sophisticated set of value propositions and client-market hypotheses

SRI Education came to Presence with the idea of creating new services, platforms, and products. They saw a gap in the market for helping educational organizations rapidly improve teaching and learning products and environments. They knew they could leverage their existing learning science and analytics assets and on-the-ground institutional experience, but to secure the investment necessary to build out the service offering they needed a validated business roadmap to showcase the market opportunity to SRI’s senior management. 

Presence began a five-week process that took SRI Education through extensive business model mapping sessions, covering a variety of market segments. Together, the joint SRI and Presence team developed sophisticated value propositions and client-market hypotheses for each sub-segment and market. These propositions were put on a roadmap and were validated against research insights. As business opportunities took shape, the team prioritized them using filters such as brand mission and vision alignment, financial viability, size of investment needed, and competitive advantages. Presence put everything together: a series of detailed, validated service offerings with a complete business model roadmap.

At the end of our engagement, SRI Education had a roadmap to launch and grow, bringing them a step closer to realizing their vision: a world where all students are immersed in effective learning opportunities tailored just for them.

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